Waste-Fuel processing


A completely new technology in waste processing is the splitting of duckweed into cellulose, oil or biofuel. The installation which Mesys developed for this purpose helps water companies to scoop out 750,000 tonnes duckweed from their waters. The water companies are currently still paying for the disposal, but soon, the duckweed will be processed and will provide income. Mesys is working on the development of a harvesting machine and a processing installation.



DMWS stands for Dutch Medical Waste System, a sister company of Mesys. Mesys designs, produces and delivers a machine which converts the high-risk parts of hospital waste into secondary-fuel for this so-called waste converter. The machine is expected to be made available to hospitals across the world.


Optimal renewable energy systems

Mesys is studying the development of an energy generation system in a handy size for factories, residential areas and blocks of flats. The idea is to gasify the waste of the building in question. The gas powers a motor which generates electricity. The same motor can also run on natural gas. Excess energy is stored in the ground and can be used at a later time if required.