Emission result

Mesys guarantees that after installing the installation, the client will meet the emission values set in his environmental license.

Limit value result

Mesys contributes to optimal working conditions at its clients’ premises. We therefore guarantee that the client’s employees will not inhale more than the agreed limit value on the work floor under the specified work circumstances. We carry out guarantee measurements at the delivery. After all, this depends on the way people work and the state of the maintenance of the installation.

Pneumatic transport

Mesys designs, constructs and installs vacuumed as well as pressured transport systems for the physical transport of bulk goods.

Odour emission

Mesys provides all 50 existing deodorisation technologies. After the installation thereof, we guarantee the agreed level of effectiveness. Our deodorisation installations are future proof.

Bulk materials handling

Mesys is specialised in bulk material handling. We deliver all conceivable parts. From vibrating transporters and conveyor belts to bulk storage transport systems.