Working method


Mesys supplies all the expert knowledge in the area of industrial air, particularly for the bulk goods processing departments.

We do this for all production processes which release gasses, vapours and odours. Mesys also regularly acts as a project contractor for several companies, with its engineering agency.

Working method

After confirmation of the job, the client is visited by a Mesys system analyst. This knowledgeable official analyses the situation and maps out the company’s entire technical process. This integrated picture leads to a workable consultation for the management about the appropriate measures. Sometimes, that is the end of it, but Mesys is often also instructed to supply the solution. We instruct a project engineer with that task. He is the contact person for the company, up to the delivery.


Mesys enters into a service agreement with most of its clients. This contract offers clients a guarantee that the internal environment and possible emissions of their company continue to meet the legal requirements regarding dust, odour and gasses. We provide an inspection on location, once, or several times a year and give a quote for parts which need replacing. As a service provider, Mesys offers a one hundred percent guaranteed availability. We are ready to help our relations 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


For the majority, Mesys works with medium and higher skilled staff. In addition to their education, they have all enjoyed a solid internal training which makes them all specialists in the analysis and functioning of technical installations. Mesys has 24 employees who can be deployed anywhere in the world, if necessary. Our experts partially operate on location. During the time of installation there will always be a Mesys employee present at the company as a fixed point of contact.


Mesys is VCA Petrochemie certified, the highest level of safety certificate in the Netherlands. We are certified for working safely in all industry, including any work in the petrochemical industry. Mesys has also been NEN 4400 certified.